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“The first thing to do is to account for all your belongings at home. The object is to determine which ones are better off being locked up in the prospective unit you plan to rent, and figure out the size of the unit. Henry suggests that while a storage unit is capable of keeping your things under lock and key, you need to leave a modest amount of room to work with in the storage unit, especially when you need to come back from time to time to get some items.

Consult your preferred Vancouver storage unit operator about the sizes and features of the units they have on offer, as well as the payment terms. If you have items that degrade under harsh conditions, General Store-All provides a climate-controlled environment where temperatures don’t get too hot or cold. It is important that you inquire about the operator’s office hours, which is the period for visiting your storage unit. An added bonus to a unit provider like General Store-All is the availability of packing supplies.