Adequate Vancouver Storage and Considerations for Home Renovations


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Protect Your Belongings

To avoid any damage during renovation, furniture and other belongings have to be removed and stored somewhere safe. Emptying a room also allows the crew to move freely and finish the job sooner, thus saving money in the process. Most people will store things in garages or basements but if they’re already packed, renting extra storage from Vancouver companies like General Store-All is a viable option. For further convenience, they also sell storage and packing supplies like boxes and bubble wrap.

Choose The Right Contractor

The goal of renovation is to beautify a home. However, an incompetent contractor will bungle up the project, leading to costly mistakes and unsatisfactory results. Word of mouth is usually the best way to find a contractor, so asking neighbors about their trusted renovation contractor is a great way to find a reliable one. Make sure the contractor is licensed and that all agreements, especially the project duration and cost, are in wr


Self Storage in Vancouver: The Surprising Contents of Some Storage Units


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According to D’Angelo, other unusual finds from storage units include the bodies of dead relatives in caskets, Aretha Franklin’s clothes, some very strange memorabilia from Burt Reynolds, and even thousands of dollars in cold, hard cash. While many of these stories are amusing and eccentric, secure storage lockers in Vancouver remain handy repositories for clients who need to store their excess possessions, inventory, and valuables in secure, temperature controlled environments.

Storage Units in Vancouver, BC: What Condo Residents Need



Condos in Vancouver, BC have begun to get smaller in size, according to a report on While it was 700sq.ft. a few years ago, some condos go to as small as 560sq.ft., making some residents question Vancouver’s reputation as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Though there are some space-maximizing techniques out there like interior design, as years passed, homeowners will acquire things they want and need. And 560 sq. ft. will not be enough anymore no matter how they rearrange their things. While they can always sell some of their stuffs, why part with things valuable to you when you can rent units for storage in Vancouver, BC?

These units are small garage-type spaces that come in different sizes to fit what you need to store. And to make sure that your valuables are safe, some units are even equipped with temperature regulator to ensure that the rooms are cool or warm enough, depending on their contents. Kiss your cramped condos away for a more spacious livi